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for Windows & Macintosh

Take career exploration to the workplace without leaving the classroom. Career Finder Plus presents workers on the job in multimedia videos that describe a group of similar occupations and discuss the relationships among them. Whether your students want to research by career cluster, job title, skills set, educational requirements salary, outlook, or keyword, they will find this CD-ROM easy to navigate and fun to use. Career Finder plus profiles 1,109 occupations with up-to-the-minute data, crisp pictures, colorful graphics, and realistic workplace videos.

Users answer up to 18 questions (below) then get a list of the 20 best matching occupations.

  • Using Words
  • Using Numbers
  • Understanding Science
  • Understanding People
  • Using Art
  • Attending to Details
  • Leading Others
  • Making Things
  • Growing Things
  • Physical Activity
  • Change
  • Meeting People
  • Travel
  • Drive
  • Independence
  • Style
  • Training
  • Helping People
  • Multimedia

    • CD-ROM
    • Sound
    • Hundreds of pictures
    • Videos
    • Easy Reading/High Interest
    • 1,100 narrated occupational descriptions

    Benefits & Advantages

    • Quick and easy exploration topics.
    • 18 easy-to-answer assessment questions written at a 5th grade experience level.
    • Search results list the Top 50 best matching occupations.
    • Students can compare their answers to any occupation to see the "Fit".
    • Detailed information including salary, outlook, school subjects, and educational requirements.
    • Answers can be saved to disk.
    • A custom sign-off message from your department on every printout.
    • Update every year, or not, its your choice.
    • Narrated text for poor readers.
    • Hypertext Search Capability. $350

    Package Contains

    Minimum System Requirements

    Package Price

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