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I'm very interested in having the best current career information available to me - How can I be sure that EUREKA offers that?Our commitment is to develop and provide high quality occupational and educational information to our subscribers. We ensure that this information is accurate, current, complete, and responsive to the various and diverse needs and requirements of our users. EUREKA remains sensitive to the ever-changing concerns for information, and the fast-paced demands for this information in the schools, colleges and universities, social agencies, and businesses that we assist. Our endeavor is to stay innovative and give with special emphasis to service. EUREKA strictly adheres to the ethical standards set forth by the Association of Computer-based Systems for Career Education (ACSCI).

Tell me more about your organization, do you have the expertise and know-how to offer the services I need? EUREKA's professional staff works within disciplines that include program management, information analysis, program development, computer programming, counselor education and technical services. Our entire staff is always ready to answer your questions within their area of expertise. Our able counseling staff, all credentialed, brings a depth of experience in career education, curriculum development, and computerized career counseling with each webinar. Call to arrange a consultation with one of our Career Counselors. - It's part of the EUREKA Advantage!

How long have you been developing Career information, and who are members of your organization? EUREKA has over 35 years as a public, not for profit, state-registered, self supporting consortium of subscribers. It is an association of educational institutions, largely schools, universities, social service agencies, and counseling professionals. It is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of representatives elected by and from our subscriber-members.

What motivated your organization to take on such a task? From our very beginnings, EUREKA has been user-oriented. In 1975, a rather informal group of Bay Area Computer Educators (BACE) set about the challenge to find or develop a career information system which would be useful in secondary schools as well as in colleges and public service agencies. They wanted a computer-based system which would be easy enough for the inexperienced, yet informative and comprehensive enough to be useful to even the most sophisticated user. In short, they wanted an information system which did not exist at that time. So in 1976, EUREKA, The California Career Information System came into being.

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