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Patches and Updates


EUREKA/ECOCIS Master Update 2017

This contains a full installation of EUREKA or ECOCIS including recent data updates.

These installers are password protected. If you haven't received the email containing the password, please contact us by email or phone (888.463.2247) for the password(s).

DateForVersionDownload FileSize
Jan 5, 2017Colorado sitesPC, regular installerECOCIS_2017.exe11.5 MB
Jan 5, 2017California sitesPC, regular installerEUREKA_2017.exe12.3 MB
  1. Click the appropriate link above.
  2. Run the installer from the website, or save it to your computer then double click on the downloaded exe file.
  3. Just before installing, the installer will prompt you for a password. Email us or call us (Amar, Leonor, 1.888.463.2247) for the password.
  4. The password is case sensitive, so be sure to type it exactly as you see it. Tip: make sure caps lock is off and num lock is on.
  5. To verify it was installed properly, launch EUREKA/eCOCIS, the welcome screen should say 2017.

Call 1.888.463.2247 or email if you have difficulties.

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